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Do you have any doubts about starting your own business? This start-up focused category of Dropping Bombs can change your mind!

Brad’s top entrepreneurial podcasts present a winning mix of personal and professional experiences that offer unparalleled insight for any struggling entrepreneur. Get access to interviews with world-famous entrepreneurs that are chock full of personal success stories, secrets, and shortcuts that make walking the challenging entrepreneurial path easier.

Stop Motivating, Start Activating. Episode 97 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL). Guest: Steve Sims

Advice from the man who makes dreams come true. Meet Steve Sims, the modern-day Wizard of Oz. Steve is the founder and owner of The Bluefish, an international, luxury concierge company that’s known for arranging anything their client’s desire. Bluefish provides the impossible. We’re talking [...]

Lose the F#%!*ng Excuses and Win Already. Episode 79 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL). Guest: Nicole Arbour.

Why bullshitting yourself isn’t a great long-term strategy. “Make good shit and tell the truth” - Nicole Arbour doesn’t shy away from either. A comedy powerhouse and social media star, Nicole seems to be everywhere right now. And, whether promoting her new book or [...]

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