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Looking for stories about remarkable growth paired with advice on how YOU can achieve excellence? In Brad’s top podcasts on business, you’ll find tips on how to step-up your game by learning new strategies, setting bigger goals, and staying relevant in your industry. In addition, this category includes interviews with guests who present a wealth of knowledge across industries. Pop on some headphones, slip into their perspective, and get ready to succeed.

The Most Dangerous Person In Any Industry. Episode 103 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL). Guest: Naveen Jain

Make progress or make excuses. Today Brad Lea is joined by Naveen Jain, a notable entrepreneur, and philanthropist with a rich history of building successful, socially-conscious companies. Naveen is the founder of Moon Express, inome, Intelius, TalentWise, World Innovation Institute, Infospace, and now Viome [...]

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