Ditch the Analysis Paralysis Episode 64 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL). Guest: Colin Andrews.

How many people wish they’d invested in Microsoft, but at Crypto is too risky?

Joined today by Colin Andrews of LearnCryptoFast.com, Brad explores the big questions surrounding cryptocurrency such as “What the heck is it?” “Does cryptocurrency come with too much risk?” And, more importantly, “Am I already too late to invest in cryptocurrency?”

Colin The-Crypto-King Andrews made four-million off of investments made a mere eight months ago. The biggest risk, he states, is NOT jumping on this opportunity.

Why is Colin Andrews so sure? “The total amount ever invested in crypto is only five-hundred-billion” Colin explains. With so much room to grow, he says the problem most people have is inactivity.

“When you don’t understand something, you don’t take action,” says Colin. “That’s what we’re trying to combat at LearnCryptoFast.com.”