Succeed in Network Marketing Episode 59 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL). Guest: Jesse Lee Ward.

How Good Training Builds Great Cultures

The OG #BossLee talks about how she became the It Girl of MLM. With a team retention rate of 93%, you’ve got to ask, what’s Jessie Lee Ward’s secret to standing head and shoulders above the rest?

She and Brad Lea agree: The secret sauce to building a great team is all about how you train.

“If you’re coached the best, you’re going to perform the best. You perform the best, you’re going to get confidence. When you get the confidence, you show up to events. You show up to events, you build more culture,” says Jessie Lee.

Kick back with your headphones to learn how these two social media moguls developed their own take-no-prisoners approach to selling, starting with how to embrace hearing “NO.”