An Eye On the Future. Episode 72 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL). Guest: Johnny Cardon.

Are your choices today setting you up for a better tomorrow?

Brad sits down with Johnny Cardon, LightSpeed VT’s resident handyman, to explore how this talented, almost-famous rock n’ roller wound up screwing light bulbs instead of groupies.

After an unflinching, honest look at over a decade’s worth of questionable choices that have led to Johnny’s scooter-driving, back-porch-sleeping lifestyle, Brad dishes out some tough love.

“We all possess what it takes to win,” says Brad. “But, if you keep not taking these insignificant actions on a daily basis, they’re going to add up and bite you in the ass.”

Don’t miss what might be the most motivating Dropping Bombs yet! And, remember, sure taking ownership is hard, but never reaching your potential is a hell of a lot harder.