Lose the F#%!*ng Excuses and Win Already. Episode 79 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL). Guest: Nicole Arbour.

Why bullshitting yourself isn’t a great long-term strategy.

“Make good shit and tell the truth” – Nicole Arbour doesn’t shy away from either. A comedy powerhouse and social media star, Nicole seems to be everywhere right now. And, whether promoting her new book or on stage delivering stand-up, she’s doing it with her trademark style of dishing out tough-to-swallow truths.

Which might just be the tough love we all need right now—whether you like it or not.

In this episode of Dropping Bombs, Brad and Nicole sit down to talk about what it takes to motivate people, why telling the truth is so taboo, and Nicole’s new book, How to Lose the F*cking Excuses and Win Already. It’s chock full of advice inspired by Nicole’s own journey from physically disabled and living on her grandmother’s floor to her first viral video launch and beyond.

Her secret? Stop bullshitting yourself and start winning. YOU can take the first step by pressing play.