Waging War on Average Episode 66 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL). Guest: Russ Whitney.

Have you ever even asked yourself what it’s like to be rich?

Dropping in for today’s Dropping Bombs is Russ Whitney! Russ is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and worldwide leader in the business, real-estate investment, and financial training fields.

So, what do Russ and Brad have in common? More than having “made it,” these two entrepreneurial powerhouses find the most satisfaction in helping others.

“You can change lives by showing someone how to reach their full potential,” says Russ Whitney. And Brad agrees. “I was making 400,000 a year. But my success? That started when I focused on how to help other people.”

“Getting by is a learned state of mind,” says Russ. “It’s easy to brush off business success as luck when you’re stuck.”

The solution to breaking out of your mediocre mindset? It’s getting a mentor. Educating yourself. Investing in your mind.

Single moms who are out there working their asses off, sacrificing time with family to get by. Fathers who can’t buy Christmas presents for their kids. For Brad, the LSVT Army is another platform to reach those who are hungry for opportunity. Just launched for 10X, this word-of-mouth recruiting technique pays for referrals when used to purchase a LightSpeed VT system.

How to surround yourself with those you inspire you to succeed? You can start by pressing play.