Life Insurance Sales Expert David Carpenter Grows His Company from $600K to $2.6MM – Insurance Sales Motivation

Life Insurance Sales Motivation… How to Grow Using a Proven System to Success with the Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Episode #325:  Life Insurance Sales Tips to Success in this Episode of Dropping Bombs with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

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“Most people won’t do that…You gotta take a chance on yourself to grow.” You ain’t lying.

Life Insurance Sales Agent Tips to Growing $2.6MM++ and a Team

Going from financially destitute living in Phoenix with a debt-ridden mom, a dad in prison, and a girlfriend that left him… This entrepreneur found a way to make it happen.

First establishing himself as a licensed insurance professional then developing his team, David Carpenter ( @DavidECarpenter_ ) grew a successful life insurance company in his second year from $600K to $2.6MM and still going strong now some 4 years in total. David Carpenter says he is building a Life Insurance Empire with a “Dream Team” focused on team growth, helping people get the protection they need in an ethical way while building recurring passive income from the policies he writes.

Sales Weren’t His Only Motivation… He’s Selling More Than Protection

David explains the key is understanding the comp plan, the script, and surrounding yourself with the right people. He credits his mentors, books he has read, and investments he made in himself for the past 4 years for his ability to rise up and succeed, becoming the first millionaire in his family.

Proudly able to provide for his family and help his mom get her debt paid off. He was also fortunate enough to be able to see his dad again when he was released from prison to deliver him his dream car.

David Carpenter focuses on overcoming adversity and believes if you wake up and stop being a victim that is where you can begin to build your character.

David says the advantage to the insurance industry now is the meetings are no longer face-to-face in person at someone’s home. They are easily done online, via your smartphone.

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Insurance Sales Motivation

Having spent the past four years completing his first series of milestones, David Carpenter is calling his next shot at becoming a partner at his company by next year. Confident and feeling great about who he is now, his biggest accomplishments are yet to come. David is interested in growing to help people and get the results he wants to truly grow a life insurance empire. Leaving a legacy behind in his name for his family that serves his customers for years to come.

What to Read and Why…

In business, David Carpenter believes “when you are in good times, enjoy it…” That’s what gets you out of the thick when things aren’t going right. Some of his favorite books are

  • The Bible 
  • Think And Grow Rich
  • How To Win Friends & Influence People
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • And, he recommends listening to audiobooks as well

David sees the biggest advantages of insurance sales is having the right company, with the right comp plan, building yourself first and then the team around you, leveraging a proven system, script, and training to follow. His vision is to become vested after his 10 years and then own the book of business–customers that purchased the life insurance policies from him and his team. Being able to go from insurance agent to brokerage. David’s agency, People First Agency as an associate of American Income Life. If you would like to learn more about working as a Life Insurance Professional and following in the footsteps of David Carpenter reach out to him on social media @DavidECarpeneter_

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David Carpenter was broke financially, crushed emotionally, and overwhelmed mentally.
After finding quick success as an entrepreneur by earning a company paid for BMW at only 19 years old, David was quickly humbled when he watched his entire business crumble less than 2 years later. At 21, he was forced to return his car due to the fact he couldn’t keep up with the payments. However, as a relentless competitor his entire life, David refused to give up and decided to launch his second business, which, to his dismay, ended up failing within a year…

David eventually met the man who would become his mentor. This single event served as a catalyst causing David to start a new chapter of his life in the Financial Services Industry. He took his test and failed and failed a second time and then got a loan from his Mom to pay to take the test and passed. His first week he made $2,600, but his second month he made $1,200 when one of his managers told him he was not going to make it to which he used as fuel. In his third month he made $12,000 and never looked back.

Now, only four years later, at 26 years old, David…
1. Won Agency of the Year
2. 2x Won Office of the Year
3. One of the youngest to Board of Directors
4. Ranked top sales managers in the world for his company
5. One of the top earners
6. Top leader in overall growth performance factor

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