Cody Askins. Think Bigger. Episode 193 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL).

Cody Askins. Think Bigger.

Episode 193: #DroppingBombs with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Episode 163: Forbes Riley

Maximize the level you’re on.

Cody Askins has been in the insurance industry for 10 years. He’s single handedly started an event that’s quickly becoming the event in the insurance world. Brad sat down with him to talk about the 8% Nation, and why many agents fail in the first three years.  

Episode Highlights:

[01:18] Thinking Big

Cody got to a point in his life where he resolved to start thinking bigger and stop playing small, that’s why he’s not afraid of paying to get the best speakers. If you want people to come back to your event, you need good speakers.

[06:51] Brush Your Teeth

When Brad’s advised people to brush their teeth at the 10X conference, it became a theme. His message was about the need to pay attention to small things. When people notice that you don’t take care of small things–like brushing your teeth or polishing your shoes–what do they think of you? You can’t be worrying about big things when you haven’t taken care of the little ones.

[14:18] How to Get to the Next Level

Maximize the level you’re on and you’ll find yourself on the next level. Cody has certain things he does religiously:

  • Working out every single day
  • Writing down his goals every single morning
  • Eating breakfast
  • Forcing himself to take a cold shower because it wakes him up
  • Creating a top three to do list for the day

[17:30] Why 8% Nation?

While attending the 10X event, Cody figured his industry needed something similar. With encouragement from his dad, he got hold of Grant Cardone and Ray Lewis and launched the first event at the Nissan Stadium (Nashville, TN). The third event is scheduled for July 2020 in Vegas. He named it 8% because 92% of insurance agents fail within their first three years. It’s a tough industry, but it has more millionaires than most. Cody is working on a LightSpeed virtual training platform.

[20:00] Growing up in the Business

Cody grew up in the business and at 19 he joined as an intern. He set himself a goal to make 100K and win the top company trip–that year he made $117,361.13. Having dad in the business helped but Cody worked hard and did the right things to get to where he’s at. The stereotype of rich kids getting everything handed to them is not always true, and it doesn’t matter.

[24:39] Get Help

Sometimes people will whine and complain but they won’t get help, the won’t come to a conference and they won’t go to events where they could learn from those who have already succeeded. Our culture might be to blame for teaching us not to look for help because “if you don’t do it yourself, it’s not worth it.”

[27:39] Be Authentic

You cannot ever make everyone happy so if you know that, why not be authentic and make yourself happy? As a speaker, talk about what you love, what you think, what you know, and share your knowledge with authentic intention.

[30:27] Invest in Mentorship 

Don’t let ego get in the way of doing commonsense, intelligent stuff like finding someone who has already done it. Sometimes getting a coach or mentor means you’ll spend money, but it’s worth it.

[32:21] Reminisce 10X

Cody and Brad discuss memorable 10X moments.

[38:54] An Opportunity to Network

Although 8% Nation is dubbed the insurance wealth conference, anyone can benefit from it. When you go to events, make sure you’re networking. Learn how to introduce yourself. You can get a job by going to the mall, walking up to someone, and introducing yourself. If you understand how to get past objections, you can be in any business and succeed.

[46:40] Training 

By the age of 20, Cody was using the strategies, tricks and secrets that he teaches to make a ton of money in the insurance business. He’s now more into marketing and training insurance agents. His YouTube channel has lots of free content. When you share some knowledge for free, people see how good you are and they will pay to go deeper. You can get a decent income from the insurance business and you can earn residual income forever.

[50:49] Lessons Learned

Cody has been in the business for a decade. If he could start over as an insurance agent, he would go virtual and build a team. From a marketing and training standpoint, he would have started producing YouTube content much earlier. His advice to people in the industry?

  • Think big and use money as leverage.
  • Figure out what you need to do and be consistent about it.
  • Energy is everything–if your energy sucks, you suck.
  • Implement. Execute. Too many people think of doing things but don’t act.


Notable Quotes

[03:04] Sometimes you want to learn what not to do from the people that already did the dumb shit.

[14:22] Maximize the level you’re on. If you do that–think about it–you’re on the next level.

[16:32] I believe successful people do what unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do. I make myself do stuff I don’t want to do.

[20:35] I’m someone that when I set a goal or a target, I’m going to outwork other people and figure it out.

[40:41] If you learn how to close people and understand how to get past every objection, you can be in any business and succeed.

[43:57] Insurance is like a gun… It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

About Cody Askins

Yahya Bakkar

Follow Cody Askins:

Cody Askins is the founder and owner of Secure Agent Mentor. He was born in the state of Arkansas, but has been in the Southwest Missouri area for the last 17 years. He attended and graduated at Baptist Bible College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. While attending college, and playing basketball for his college team, he decided to go full time in the insurance business. At the age of 20, by using the strategies, tricks, and secrets that he shares in his program, he was able to earn $117,000 in 8 months.

Cody’s goal is to help train, mentor, and motivate insurance agents all over the world to succeed at their highest level. To help agents succeed, he has developed INCREDIBLE insurance leads of all types, videos, shows, training packages, podcasts, e-books, training classes, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, and the best insurance training membership site on this planet.

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