How to Grow Your Business Online to Get 1 Million Followers and Beyond

How To Grow Your Business Online To Get 1 Million Followers And Beyond

Episode #315: Learn The Secrets To Get One Million Followers in this Episode of Dropping Bombs with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Colton Lindsay. How To Be Authentic In Business and Life.

Business storytelling is surely a way to grow your business on social media but it all starts with a great Hook Point.

How To Grow Your Business Online w/ Hook Point – Brendan Kane

Brendan Kane starts with hook to grab the attention. From there he likes to expand to the next step of asking “what is the customer journey” and what story do I need to tell to keep the attention as I progress the customer from an ad, then click to the desired result we want the viewer engaging with the content to take, first they stay… Then they stay with you. That’s really where the Hook Point principle comes in. First you hook them in the 3 seconds, then you start with a story to connect and create some common ground. From there… What journey will you take them to get the results they want on your path to growing your tribe to 1 Million Followers And Beyond On Social Media?

Hook Point Book: How To Stand Out In A 3-Second World

Brendan Kane who is the author of One Million Followers… How To Build A Massive Social Following In 30 Days has a New Book out called Hook PointHow To Stand Out In A 3-Second World and he is here to share with you the exact 3 steps he has distilled down for you to implement Hook Point power in your social media strategies as a business owner or entrepreneur, that’s right folks… Dig in, smash that LIKE button if you like what you learn on Dropping Bombs, Subscribe if you haven’t already and LISTEN UP while Hook Point author Brendan Kane here drops some bizzles!

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How To Grow Your Business Online – Dropping Bombs

At one time Brendan Kane was the VP of Paramount Pictures, leading Digital Media Ads for large projects with huge budgets.

Now the One Million Followers business storytelling expert, Brendan Kane knows if you really want to make traction, there isn’t just one thing that your brand has to do right to win with social media and social advertising. If you want to know everything Brendan Kane and Brad Lea share about how to grow your business online this is certainly the episode for you! #growyourbusinessonline #brendankane #hookpoint

In this episode of Dropping Bombs podcast, Brendan Kane shares his 3 Hook Point principles to win the attention of your ideal prospects in a 3 second world.

Get your copy of Hook Point written by Brendan Kane now.

Now that you know business storytelling is surely a fantastic way to grow your business online. The question is… How will you and your team implement it?

Ask yourself…

  • “What is the journey I want my viewers to take?”
  • “What is the thing that I will do to grab the attention of the viewer in the first 3 seconds?”
  • “What story will I tell to keep their attention once I have it to help them move to the next level?”
  • “How do I want them to feel?”
  • “What is the next step in the journey that I want them to take.”

Brendan Kane uses a series of filters to get the answers to these questions…

Here’s the Brendan Kane, Hook Point process:

  1. Imagine yourself passing a kiosk with magazines and books as you walk through an airport.
  2. You have just a few moments to choose a magazine or book to read on your flight.
  3. What headline would catch your attention and drive your selection?

Digital Growth Strategies Used By The Fortune 500 & Celebrity Brands

Brendan Kane explains “the world is a busy place with millions of people and brands competing for attention on digital platforms. If you want to succeed and see results, you need to hook people in with your content and message.” Brendan is a business and digital strategist for Fortune 500 corporations, brands, and celebrities, thriving on helping clients systematically engaging new audiences that reward relevant content, products, and services with their attention and ad spend. Hook Point author advises to “start to think like your audience.” This will help you speak to them in their frame of mind, with the words that get their attention and a story that they can relate to. All of which are needed now more than ever when growing your business online in a 3-second world.

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Brandon T. Adams is an Emmy® Award-Winning Producer and Host of the TV Series Success in Your City. He is a Podcaster, Speaker, Inventor, Advisor, Crowdfunding Expert, and Media Expert. Brandon is a serial entrepreneur, owning a stake in a number of businesses, including the Accelerant Media Group, Live to Grind, Young Entrepreneur Convention, Success in Your City, and more.

Brandon grew up working with his father in the packaged ice business. He and his father grew the business to a tri-state region and in 2014 Brandon acquired the business from his father. Adams’ Ice Service is an Ice distributor under the brand Arctic Glacier Ice. One hot day while delivering Ice Brandon’s bottled beverage got warm on a hot summer day. He had used ice-cubes before to keep the drink cold but putting ice cubes in the bottle was time-consuming and diluted the drink. This problem led Brandon to invent the product Arctic Stick, an innovative new product that cools and flavors drinks. After investing $100,000 of his own money and 3.5 years of hard work he took the product to market and it sells on Amazon today. He also obtained a patent and 2 trademarks for his invention.

In 2020 Brandon will be touring the country on his Success Tour Speaking to audiences all over the world. To date, Brandon has spoken in 21 U.S. States and 3 different countries. Brandon shares what he has learned about Success and shares stories from individuals living on the Streets, to Billionaires, CEO’s, Celebrities, Movie Stars, and Professional Athletes. He has come up with a Success formula that everyone can apply to find their own version of Success in Business, Life, and Love.  Brandon has been featured on the Cover of Inventors Digest and was listed among 7 millennial Influencer’s to Follow in 2018 by BuzzFeed.

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