Sean Conrad. You Should Own The Market. Episode 194 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL).

Sean Conrad. You Should Own The Market.

Episode 194: #DroppingBombs with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Episode 163: Forbes Riley

Everybody is a digital marketer or needs to be.

Sean Conrad is CEO of the Internet Marketing Association, one of the fastest growing Internet marketing groups in the world. Brad sat down with him to talk about marketing, industry developments and the association’s impactSHOW 2019 event (IMPACT19)  

Episode Highlights:

[0:55] About the Internet Marketing Association (IMA)

Sinan Kanatsiz looked around at digital marketing landscape and realized there was need for an association where like-minded people could connect and share best practice. He founded Internet Marketing Association in 2001 and it has grown to a membership of over 1.5 million, with a presence in 37 plus countries. The association runs the gamut, from startup entrepreneurs to people working for large brands like Microsoft, Adobe or Google.

[05:47] IMPACT19

Everybody has something of value that they deliver–they just need to figure out how to communicate that value, and IMA helps them do that. This September, they will hold their IMPACT19 event at the Waldorf Astoria in Las Vegas. Speakers include Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus VR; Jeff Kearl, brilliant marketer and co-founder of STANCE; yours truly, Brad Lea. It is the perfect forum for individuals and businesses of all sizes to network as they learn from the industry’s leading experts and explore the latest tools.

[10:16] Internet Marketing for Insurance

Sean has a background in insurance and is a partner in EPIC Insurance Brokers, one of the largest and fastest growing commercial insurance brokers in the country. He combines insurance expertise with digital marketing skills to grow the business in the Southern California markets. Story telling is the best way to market, and digital platforms are the best way to “push” your message out. The choice of platform is determined by marketing objectives, and you often have to use more than one platform. YouTube is gaining prominence because it is the second-most popular search function after Google. 

[15:01] The Mastermind Effect

IMA allows you to share, collaborate and learn what works. At IMPACT events, you not only network and meet people who know what they’re doing, but you’re also able to ask questions and walk away with tangible action points. Too many people mistakenly believe that Click Funnels is the ultimate marketing tool but there’s much more to winning at marketing. The most successful companies are those that have figured out how to target very specifically and advertise in a way that doesn’t look like advertising.

[19:42] Improving Accessibility

Previously, the only way to participate in the kind of thought leadership available at IMPACT events, was to show up in person. IMA is developing a LightSpeed system where people can gain access to those same thought leaders, no matter where in the world they live. The system has both basic and advanced content, so the user is able to choose their own journey to professional excellence or self-improvement. IMA membership is free!

[24:13] Even Great Products Need Marketing

The best product on the planet can lag way behind competition because of poor marketing. Successful campaigns go beyond Click Funnels–they have good copy, the right targeting, retargeting campaigns, and a nurturing sequence. Interactive landing pages are the next big thing as people discover that video gets more engagement than long copy.

[29:01] Artificial Ceilings

Sometimes businesses don’t realize that they could do 10 times better if they did something new. People have a self-imposed artificial ceiling because they compare themselves to the competition or to the guy down the street. Leaders need to have their eye on the horizon, trying to figure out where the industry is headed and where the world is going. By connecting to a larger community, you multiply your intelligence. When you are part of an association, you hear about new developments and trends much quicker. 

[34:52] Driving Traffic to Your Business

For a business owner with under 10 employees, devote time to learn how to become an expert marketer. Train all employees to go out and introduce themselves to 10 new people every day. Better still, they can document those interactions and share on social. LinkedIn is becoming a formidable platform, and it gives you a broad audience. With a bit of creativity, there are many things you can do to grow your audience without an advertising budget. Start networking, start introducing yourself, reach out to influencers and be seen with influencers. Start putting out valuable content and do it consistently

[43:54] There Is No Other Web

Folks, there’s only one Web, and it’s the World Wide Web. As Brad sees it, www is redundant as a website prefix!


Notable Quotes

[02:56] Whether you are in landscaping, chiropracting, technology, insurance–everybody is a digital marketer or needs to be.

[11:23] We’re in an age now where it’s all storytelling, and I personally think the brands that do the best job telling their story… are the ones that win.

[15:22] If you get 20 people in a room, there is not one individual person smarter than all 20 of those people collectively.

[25:57] A Click Funnel is simply a templated landing page creation tool, and that alone will not sell you anything.

[28:29] You can’t… keep engagement and attention if it’s in copy format. It needs to be video. It needs to be interactive because it needs to be personalized to that person’s unique needs.

[31:58] Living in the future while executing in the present day is a challenge for any leader. You have to be able to do that.

[32:25] Pay attention to people that are doing it well today. Watch how they pivot and when they pivot

About Sean Conrad

Yahya Bakkar

Follow Sean Conrad:

Sean Conrad is an accomplished Senior Executive with 20 years of success in the commercial insurance brokerage industry. Leveraging extensive experience in driving new business and top-line revenue, brand differentiation, and developing strong networks and partnerships, he is a valuable asset for organizations and companies experiencing challenges with growth and profitability. His broad areas of expertise include business development, employee benefits, commercial property/casualty, executive risk, cyber insurance, marketing, collaboration, tactical planning, leadership, and advising.

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