Thanksgiving Gratitude Lessons: The Million Dollar Morning with Brad Lea

Thanksgiving Gratitude: The Special Episode for Thanksgiving with Brad Lea

Episode #322: How To Live The Million Dollar Morning in this Episode of Dropping Bombs with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Colton Lindsay. How To Be Authentic In Business and Life.

You’re about to learn The Million Dollar Morning and The Power Of A $1M Attitude of Gratitude

Having the Million Dollar Morning Each Day

Waking up is worth more than $1M… If you don’t agree then would you take $1M and forgo waking up the next day? I think most people would choose to wake up. Think about how it would feel to get a $1M cash, no strings attached. Feeling that way is how you should feel each day you wake up alive and ready. The secret is to equate that same $1M emotion and feeling in your mind with waking up every single day. That is a feeling of thanks and gratitude you can keep with you throughout every day.

Acknowledge it and you’ll always start the day with a positive attitude of gratitude. Once you are up and thankful, it’s time to attack the day.

Getting up at 4:30 am, 5:00 am or 5:30 am helps you get more done when no one is awake. Put a sign up on your wall that says “Congratulations, you get another day.” Put that sign somewhere so it will be the first thing you see to trigger the gratitude of the day instantly in the morning when you rise.

That same emotion of gratitude transfers to the actions you take and the decisions you make.

What’s the mindset shift I need to have more gratitude in my life? A shift in perspective… When you wake up in the morning have gratitude and choose happiness every day. Do it as soon as you open your eyes.

You don’t find happiness, you choose happiness.

Benefits of gratitude: You get more when you give more, be grateful for yourself and everything in life as if it was a feeling you would have when someone handed you $1M free and clear. That is what waking up with gratitude feels like so do more of that and get more from it!

Learn how now in this episode of Dropping Bombs Podcast with The Real Brad Lea.

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Why Gratitude Can Change Your Destiny

Here’s why gratitude can change your destiny. The key to doing better in your life, your relationships, business, and financially all start with gratitude and a positive outlook.

Let me say gratitude changed my life and here’s how I did it with The Million Dollar Morning. First, we must understand what gratitude is.

What is gratitude? The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Science of gratitude: According to UC Berkley, “evidence that a grateful disposition is associated with better health… Life satisfaction, optimism, subjective well-being, positive affect, and happiness.”

Gratitude for the Thanksgiving Spirit

Having Gratitude In Your Life for the Thanksgiving Spirit is Worth More When You Do it Daily!

How gratitude can change your life… Why is it that when you wake up in the morning you regret doing shit? It’s your lack of gratitude. Yet we know a positive attitude can take you so much further. So the key is to have $1M Dollar Gratitude every day, even if you don’t have a million bucks.

In this episode, Brad Lea shares his daily routine for waking up feeling like you just received $1M…

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Building an industry that propels you from a D- drop-out to CEO takes intelligence, trustworthiness, and diligence–just three of many qualities that have enabled Brad Lea to build a multimillion-dollar training system and forge enduring relationships with clients that often span decades.

Over more than 20 years, Brad has devoted himself to focusing on the specific and individual needs of every client to provide them with the ability to track, measure, monitor, and avatar themselves to train hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people at one time. As CEO and Founder of Lightspeed VT, a technology solution that enables people to create, launch, and market their own interactive courses, revolutionized the training industry. Brad leads an esteemed team of various departments with expertise in technology, configuration, marketing, branding, production, and of course sales and closing.

Brad brings a mastery of knowledge to clients, employees, and students in a myriad of industries including healthcare, construction, real estate, hospitality, business, sports, and personal development. With an extensive understanding of his proprietary technology, Brad expertly navigates through all the processes he and his team have created to ensure success, avoid pitfalls and achieve the highest value of monetary gain for those he works with. Inspired by Brad’s example, his company’s professionals take time to understand goals, are responsive and transparent in their communications, and earn their clients’ trust and loyalty.

In a field that typically runs on fleeting transactions and minimal innovation, Brad has elevated the concept of tailor-made client service in developing a hallmark approach centered on personal attention, customized solutions, industry acumen, and client success.

Brad is a natural-born teacher as well as a natural-born student. He says, “You can’t get rich making poor choices” and with what he has built as a learning system, poor choices are hard to make. From a young age, Brad has always been resourceful but the main lessons he has learned in life is to always be authentic, kind, generous, and aware.

In personal time, Brad enjoys spending time with his family and says that his favorite job he has ever had is the one of a Father. Brad follows the profound ethics that he was born with and lives in integrity every day. This D- dropout has always had A+ potential and today we see that in the industry that was created with effective training, astounding influence, and smooth charisma from Brad Lea.

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